There are many charities, trusts and NGOs out there all striving to do good work for the wildlife group, habitat, landscape or country that they support. Whilst I sometimes think it would be effective if we were all working under one big powerhouse of a charity these individual NGOs provide focussed support on all elements of our ecosystems and they often work together tirelessly to help promote and protect and enhance our natural landscapes and wildlife. Take a look at what they have to say and help support their work if you can.

Bird Conservation
British Trust for Ornithology –


What is the BTO? And how you can volunteer to help out.


Manx BirdLife –
Rutland Ospreys –

Invertebrate Conservation
Butterfly Conservation Trust –
British Dragonfly Society –
Bumblebee Conservation Trust –

Marine Conservation
Bottlestore –
Marine Conservation Society –

MCS Seabass Campaign

Eat less Sea Bass – MCS UK campaign following latest scientific research

Overseas Conservation
BirdLife Malta –
Elephant Nature Park –
Flora and Fauna International –
Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary –
Save Elephant Foundation –
Wildlife Alliance –

General Conservation
Rewilding Britain –
Wildlife Trust –
Woodland Trust –
PlantLife –

Herpetological Conservation
Amphibian & Reptile Group –
Frog Life –

Mammal Conservation
The Mammal Society –
UK Lynx Trust –