Plastic Update


Some thoughts after doing 26 days of MCS’s Plastic Challenge:

I miss cucumber.

I’m pretty good at baking my own my cookies (almost every day).

I can bypass at least half of the products in my local shop: bread, cheese, cake, milk, chorizo, dried apricots and each and every fruit and vegetable (down to lemons – why wrap lemons in plastic?!). As well as all of the tacky rubbish that is on the shelves for Halloween. We don’t need it.

coop2I love my local butchers, bakery, deli and fruit and veg shop!

I have an empty bird table that is annoying the birds and me. Anyone know where I can get bird food that isn’t in plastic?


Goats milk is pretty nice.

Plastic is in places I didn’t even realise. It sneaks into paper and cardboard packaging like a tedious ex you can’t shake off.

Living Naturally has a great range of vegan, SLS-free, palm oil-free and plastic-free soaps, shampoos and deodorants. And I’ve discovered the amazing soapnut shell, which I clean my clothes, dog and kitchen surfaces with!
I miss spinach.

I must do some weeding on my veg plot and do something to stop next door’s cat from crapping in it so that things actually grow (other than weeds).

More people know about our plastic problems than I realised. But they still don’t do anything about it.


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